The micro credit system - A way of helping people to help themselves

The microcredit system is the ingenious idea of the Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus.

If parents are in a position to earn the money for their children’s school fees, they no longer require the support of others.

Appreciation leads to self-reliance.

In simple terms this project system works along the following lines:

·         5 women form a cooperative and are given 4 - 6 months of training in their requested area (e.g. pig, hen, cow or vegetable farming).

·         After their training the women are provided with the necessary credit to start their independent venture - which lies between 120€ and 400€ depending on their requirements. This is called a micro credit because of the relatively small sum involved.

·         Each woman in the group is liable for the credit of each of the other group members.

·         In the first years these independent women are supported in their project by an adviser.

·         The interest paid on the credit is used to pay the adviser.

·         After 2-3 years the credit is repaid and this forms the basis of credit for further projects.

By the way: the repayment quota is 98%, an amount that bankers across the world dream of!

The micro credit system provides for the future: Would you like to help a family to become independent?

Here are some examples of starting costs:

Vegetable farming              120€

Pig farming                          140€

Cattle farming (meat)          200€

Cattle farming (dairy)         400€


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