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Those who donate money to a foundation ensure that their financial contribution is permanent and provides continuous long-term benefits. Your contribution to our Foundation helps to increase the Foundation’s capital. The capital remains intact and is used for safe investments that bring further revenue. In this way your contribution to the Foundation helps over and over again to provide hope for the future of our world’s poorest people.

The Josef Prinz OPAM Foundation has been founded

“The Josef Prinz OPAM Foundation for the Promotion of Social Development through Literacy” has been founded.

Sustainability and aid that reach those in need.

The OPAM aid organization, the “Association for the Promotion of Literacy e.V.” based in Lindlar-Linde, is now supported by a foundation. OPAM is an artificial word and is the abbreviation of “Opera di Promozione dell’ Alfabetizzazione nel Mondo” meaning “Foundation for the promotion of literacy in the world”, an organization that was brought into being in 1972 in Rome by Monsignore Don Carlo Muratore.

Along with chairman Werner Mays and director Leonore Kremer, the management team also includes  Franz Schwope and Hermann Siebel and is advised by a board of trustees to which Elisabeth Bröskamp, Stephan Glaubitt and Karsten Overödder belong.

Inspired by the aid worker and networker Hermann Bröskamp, the socially engaged clergyman Josef Prinz from the Bergisch Land area of Germany, took over Bröskamp’s aims and devoted his entire energy to their dissemination in the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

He motivated many people to form the OPAM friends’ circle and managed to ensure its long-term benificent and honorary influence by founding on 12 September 1980 in Lindlar-Linde the “Association for the Promotion of Literacy e.V.”. “Since that time over 500 projects have been either initiated or sponsored world-wide”, commented the Foundation’s new director Leonore Kremer, who was recently honoured by the Federal President Joachim Gauck for her honorary work with OPAM.

Just as it had been envisaged by the priest Josef Prinz, who died on 3rd December 2009, the sustainability of his inheritance has been maintained and used as a solid basis for the Foundation. “The Josef Prinz OPAM Foundation for the Promotion of Social Development through Literacy” has made its aim “integrated  literacy” -  for all denominations  and open to everyone. In short, an ideal address for donations and endowments.

If you are interested in the work and the aims of the Foundation, if you have any questions about endowments, donations and donor loans, on which the donated sum can be reclaimed if necessary, please contact the management team under vorstand@opam.de.

Further information is available under: www.opam.eu